Shane Barrell
20 years of Motion Graphics and Animation for broadcast
 Shane Barrell is an obsessively compulsive agoraphobic hoarder. This unique blend of traits makes him adept at anything that doesn't involve giving up smoking. Animation is one of those things, and he has been known to quite literally animate his own arse off if a situation requires. He also likes cheese.
 Graduating from Farnham in the early 90's Shane has been working in the broadcast industry for 20 years from his studio in Portsmouth. He can provide everything from direction, show design, title sequences, technical direction, character animation, in show graphics, even just simple animations, and stock for many situations, and numerous shows he has worked on have won many awards and covered every channel. He has worked with Tim Searle, Baby Cow, Triffic Films, Lonestar and the living room on numerous occasions and is always on the lookout for more work.